About Universiti Malaysia Sabah Archive - UMSArch

Welcome to the Universiti Malaysia Sabah Archives!

The university archive was established in 2019 and it is a section that is placed under the UMS Library. The establishment of this university archive was agreed in the University Board of Directors’ Meeting and later in 2020 approved by the National Archives of Malaysia. The university archive serves as a hub for all valuable records in UMS and ensures the institutional memory is well preserved.

UAMS is an abbreviation of University Archives Management System. It is an archives management system that mainly developed to manage the university archives. This system enables authorized staffs to access, manage and update information on university records and archives that are stored in the system as well as providing a centralized view of archives collection that can be accessed by multiple users in a controlled manner. For security purpose, we have designed the system so it is able to limit what data end users can see and how users view the data.

The Universiti Malaysia Sabah's archives collection range from materials gathered across the departments, faculties, centre, and academy in the university. Collection including various category of records such as paper, documents, speeches, books, magazines, audio-video, maps, plans, drawing, photos in printed and digital formats.